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WVAAPP is seeking an individual to join our board!
***See NOMINATIONS Section below for details.

New WVAAPP Logo 9-7-22.jpg

Martha Polinsky, MAT, PSII


Heather Sharp-Spinks, MSW, ADC, CCS

Immediate Past- President


Jon Dower, CIP, PR



Susie Mullens



Wendy Lewis, PhD, LPC, AADC


Nidia Henderson


Brandon Whitehouse

Jamie Styons.jpg

Jamie Styons, PhD, BSP, AAN, ASC, CHSA

Board Retreat Pic Nov 2022.jpg

Planning for 2023 at the Board Retreat, Pipestem, WV, November 2022

The WVAAPP Board of Directors is an active board seeking dedicated individuals with a passion for working and advocating for addiction professionals. If you are interested or would like to nominate someone, click here.

Time Commitment for Board Members:

  1. Attend the WVAAPP Annual Planning Retreat (2 days).

  2. Attend the WVAAPP Annual Conference (4 days).

  3. Attend the WVAAPP Board of Directors’ meetings (quarterly).

  4. Attend monthly Board check in calls.

  5. Attend the WVAAPP Annual Lobby Advocacy Day (1 day in conjunction with winter board meeting).

  6. Work on at least one assigned Board committee (time varies).

  7. Commit to a three-year term of service.

For more information, see the WVAAPP Bylaws and Policy & Procedure Manual.

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