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Over a career spanning 20 years, Jamie has held clinical and administrative positions in community behavioral health, substance use disorder treatment, and in the primary prevention sectors. As a former behavioral health director, Jamie helped develop and implement one of West Virginia's first Quick Response Teams (QRT) and Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD) Programs, which successfully brought together national, state, and local agencies to help combat the opioid epidemic in Southern West Virginia.

Jamie holds a Doctorate in Human Services, specializing in Mental Health Administration. Additionally, he has earned undergraduate and graduate degrees in forensic psychology, sociology, criminal justice, and communications. Jamie holds certifications in criminology, positive behavior support, healthcare administration, and public health.

Jamie currently serves as the Assistant Director of Community Connections, Inc. - the Prevention Lead Organization (PLO) for West Virginia Region 6. Jamie’s goal is to develop new and strengthen current substance use prevention efforts within Region 6 by focusing on community education, early intervention, and effective linkage to all pathways of treatment.

Jamie is a native of Maryland’s Eastern Shore, but transplanted to the Mountain State during his adolescence. An avid explorer, he has enjoyed all the amities of what the region has to offer. Currently, Jamie and his family reside in Bluefield, Virginia.

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